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Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to our info page for everything you need to know about entering our program as an undergraduate student.

Course Numbers

What you'll need

All undergraduate students are required to own their own implements and other items for a successful start. Below are the required items and recommended models of each.

  • Marimba Mallets (set of 4)

    • Medium Soft to Medium Hard

    • Preferably rubber core

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Soloist Series  Medium Mallets (IP240)

  • Vibraphone Mallets (set of 4)

    • Medium to Medium Hard

    • Rattan shafts

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Rattan Series Medium Mallets (RS251)

  • Timpani Mallets (one pair)

    • Medium to Medium Hard

Recommended Model: Vic Firth Staccato Timpani Mallet

  • Xylophone/Glock Mallets (one pair)

    • Hard synthetic

    • No brass/aluminum mallets

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Orchestral Series Full Forte Xylo/Glock Mallet (OS-4)

  • Concert Snare Sticks

Recommended Model: Vic Firth SD 1 General

  • Drum Set / General Use Sticks

Recommended Model: Vic Firth 5A

  • Multi-Percussion (Swizzle) Sticks

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Multi-Percussion Stick (IP-1M)

  • Brushes

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion WBR-1

  • Stick & Mallet Bag

Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion MB-1 Mallet Tour Bag


*Optional but very useful items to have

  • Tuning Fork (A=440)

  • High Tension Drum Key

  • A few black hand towels for trap stands

  • A high quality metronome (or metronome app)

  • Moon Gel or other drum muting product/item

  • Drum pad

What you'll read

All undergraduate students are required to own a copy of the following books that are used throughout the course of study in applied lessons and other percussion courses.

  • Teaching Percussion Enhanced Third Edition by Gary D. Cook

  • Artful Noise by Thomas Siwe

Method/Etude Books
  • Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony J. Cirone

  • 4-Mallet Marimba Playing by Nancy Zeltsman

  • Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani by Raynor Carroll



  • The Regimen by Shaun Tilburg

  • Tributes by Ted Atkatz

Still Have Questions?

Reach out via our contact page


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