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End of an Era, Not Entertainment

Updated: May 16

Into The Fray

Celebrating 16 years of collaboration with Professor Brackley Frayer

The Black Box Percussion and Moving Light Lab collaboration between the School of Music and Department of Theatre began in 2007 as an opportunity for students, in what are often considered supporting areas, to be featured for the talent they bring to their respective arts. The first installment was produced under the mentorship of Brackley Frayer (Theatre) and Timothy Jones (Music) and showcased state of the art lighting techniques and equipment alongside monumental percussion works that our UNLV students had been studying and preparing through their coursework.

The 2007 performance was a one night spectacular that broke both artistic expectations and fire code!! In 2008, the collaboration continued as a two-night performance with a week of intense work in the performance space. With another roaring success, we committed to making this an annual event now in its 16th year (missing only the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic). For both Lighting Design and Percussion this is an annual highlight, showcase of talent, recruiting drawcard, and very special time of connection and collaboration. In this 16th year, we pay special tribute to Professor Brackley Frayer for his years of inspiration, insight and mentorship.

This is Professor Frayer's final year (officially) in this collaboration before retiring and passing the baton to his replacement who will continue this wonderful educational experience with our students. Kyle Bissantz also takes the lead this year for Percussion. And so, Brackley, this year's performances are for you and we have themed the program "Into The Fray" to show our appreciation for your guiding expertise, willingness to step outside of the "normal" curriculum, and to wish you the very best in your future endeavors. You have been a wonderful colleague and friend through our many educational adventures.

—Timothy Jones, Percussion collaborator and Vice Dean, CFA


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