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If you're looking into a Masters or Doctorate at UNLV, this is the page for you.

  • What sticks and mallets will I need?
    All undergraduate students are required to own their own implements and other items for a successful start. Below are the required items and recommended models of each. MALLETS Marimba Mallets (set of 4) Medium soft to medium hard Preferably rubber core Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Soloist Series Medium Mallets (IP240) Vibraphone Mallets (set of 4) Medium to medium hard Rattan Shafts Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Rattan Series Medium Mallets (RS251) Timpani Mallets (one pair) Medium to medium hard Recommended Model: Vic Firth Staccato Timpani Mallet Xylophone/Glockenspiel Mallets (one pair) Hard synthetic NOT brass/aluminum Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion Orchestral Series Full Forte Xylo/Glock Mallet (OS-4) STICKS Concert snare sticks Recommended Model: Vic Firth SD 1 General Drum Set / General use sticks Recommended Model: Vic Firth 5A Multi-percussion sticks ("Swizzle Sticks") Recommended Model: Innovative PErcussion Multi-Percussion Stick (IP-1M) Brushes Recommended Model: Innovative Percussion WBR-1 OTHER ITEMS Stick & Mallet Bag Tuning Fork (A=440) High Tension Drum Key (optional) 2-3 black hand towels for trap stands (optional) High quality metronome (or metronome app) Drum pad
  • What books will I need?
    All undergraduate students are required to own a copy of the following books that are used throughout the course of study in applied lessons and other percussion courses. BOOKS Teaching Percussion Enhanced Third Edition by Gary D. Cook Artful Noise by Thomas Siwe METHOD/ETUDE BOOKS Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony J. Cirone 4-Mallet Marimba Playing by Nancy Zeltsman Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani by Raynor Carroll
  • Does the percussion area offer scholarships?
    Short answer: No Long answer: The Percussion Area does not have its own dedicated scholarship fund from which we offer prospective or current students. All scholarships are awarded through the general music scholarship funds or through the large ensemble areas such as Symphony Orchestra or the Wind Band Area. Music scholarships are often service-based, meaning a scholarship is awarded based on a student's "service" to the university in the form of contributing to a large, high-profile ensemble. Rarely are substantial music scholarships merit-based, meaning a scholarship that is awarded merely on grades, ability, or other factors.
  • How do I apply for scholarships?
    Most importantly you must apply to UNLV to be considered for scholarships. You must also reach out and schedule an audition to be considered for scholarship. more detailed info on this topic is coming soon...


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