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Graduate Studies

Welcome to our info page for everything you need to know about entering our program as an graduate student.

Course Numbers

What you'll need

As an incoming graduate student, it is expected that you own the necessary implements to cover your responsibilities as a player in ensembles and for your applied lessons and various recitals. Some items that may or may not have been acquired prior to finishing your undergraduate are listed below and a strongly recommended.

  • Orchestral Tambourine

  • Orchestral Triangle and array of beaters

  • Diverse collection of keyboard and timpani mallets

  • Diverse collection of concert snare and multi-purpose sticks

  • Black towels for trap stands

  • Drum treatments of choice (e.g., Moon Gels, Handkerchiefs, etc.)

  • High tension drum key

  • Percussive Arts Society Membership

What you'll read

All undergraduate students are required to own a copy of the following books that are used throughout the course of study in applied lessons and other percussion courses.

  • Teaching Percussion Enhanced Third Edition by Gary D. Cook

  • Performing In The Zone by Jon Gorrie

  • Artful Noise by Thomas Siwe

  • Cambridge Companion to Percussion by Russell Hartenberger

Still Have Questions?

Reach out via our contact page


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