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Four years wasn't enough?

What you'll need

As an incoming graduate student, it is expected that you own the necessary implements to cover your responsibilities as a player in ensembles and for your applied lessons and various recitals. Some items that may or may not have been acquired prior to finishing your undergraduate are listed below and a strongly recommended.

  • Orchestral Tambourine

  • Orchestral Triangle and array of beaters

  • Diverse collection of keyboard and timpani mallets

  • Diverse collection of concert snare and multi-purpose sticks

  • Black towels for trap stands

  • Drum treatments of choice (e.g., Moon Gels, Handkerchiefs, etc.)

  • High tension drum key

  • Percussive Arts Society Membership

What you'll read

All undergraduate students are required to own a copy of the following books that are used throughout the course of study in applied lessons and other percussion courses.

  • Teaching Percussion Enhanced Third Edition by Gary D. Cook

  • Performing In The Zone by Jon Gorrie

  • Artful Noise by Thomas Siwe

  • Cambridge Companion to Percussion by Russell Hartenberger

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